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Title: Mode-wise Tensor Decompositions: Multi-dimensional Generalizations of CUR Decompositions
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Journal of machine learning research
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National Science Foundation
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  1. In molecular-replacement (MR) searches, spaces of motions are explored for determining the appropriate placement of rigid-body models of macromolecules in crystallographic asymmetric units. The properties of the space of non-redundant motions in an MR search, called a `motion space', are the subject of this series of papers. This paper, the fourth in the series, builds on the others by showing that when the space group of a macromolecular crystal can be decomposed into a product of two space subgroups that share only the lattice translation group, the decomposition of the group provides different decompositions of the corresponding motion spaces. Then an MR search can be implemented by trading off between regions of the translation and rotation subspaces. The results of this paper constrain the allowable shapes and sizes of these subspaces. Special choices result when the space group is decomposed into a product of a normal Bieberbach subgroup and a symmorphic subgroup (which is a common occurrence in the space groups encountered in protein crystallography). Examples of Sohncke space groups are used to illustrate the general theory in the three-dimensional case (which is the relevant case for MR), but the general theory in this paper applies to any dimension.