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Title: Optimal contract design for ride-sourcing services under dual sourcing
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Transportation Research Part B: Methodological
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289 to 313
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National Science Foundation
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  1. It has been shown in multiple studies that expert-created on-demand assistance, such as hint messages, improves student learning in online learning environments. However, there are also evident that certain types of assistance may be detrimental to student learning. In addition, creating and maintaining on-demand assistance are hard and time-consuming. In 2017-2018 academic year, 132,738 distinct problems were assigned inside ASSISTments, but only 38,194 of those problems had on-demand assistance. In order to take on-demand assistance to scale, we needed a system that is able to gather new on-demand assistance and allows us to test and measure its effectiveness. Thus, we designed and deployed TeacherASSIST inside ASSISTments. TeacherASSIST allowed teachers to create on-demand assistance for any problems as they assigned those problems to their students. TeacherASSIST then redistributed on-demand assistance by one teacher to students outside of their classrooms. We found that teachers inside ASSISTments had created 40,292 new instances of assistance for 25,957 different problems in three years. There were 14 teachers who created more than 1,000 instances of on-demand assistance. We also conducted two large-scale randomized controlled experiments to investigate how on-demand assistance created by one teacher affected students outside of their classes. Students who received on-demand assistance formore »one problem resulted in significant statistical improvement on the next problem performance. The students' improvement in this experiment confirmed our hypothesis that crowd-sourced on-demand assistance was sufficient in quality to improve student learning, allowing us to take on-demand assistance to scale.« less