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Title: BNS-GCN: Efficient Full-Graph Training of Graph Convolutional Networks with Partition-Parallelism and Random Boundary Node Sampling
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Fifth Conference on Machine Learning and Systems (MLSys 2022)
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National Science Foundation
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  2. Disaggregated memory is being proposed as a way to provide efficient memory scaling for data intensive applications. High performance interconnect technologies, such as CXL, make disaggregated, fabric-attached-memory (FAM) a viable secondary tier of memory. Previous work on remote memory relies on extending kernel level paging to utilize FAM as an additional storage tier after local memory. These approaches have the advantage of exposing remote memory in application transparent ways that do not require code changes, but they incur large overheads due to the mismatch between the abstraction of a flat virtual address space and the reality of the tiered nature of FAM. In this paper, we present an alternative approach to remote memory based on application-specific objects. We design FAM-Graph - a semi-external graph processing system that leverages application-level properties, such as read only edge data, to efficiently tier data between local and remote memory, and prefetch remote data for local computation. Using several graph algorithms and datasets, we demonstrate that FAM-Graph achieves end-to-end performance within factors of 1–6× of Galois, the state of the art shared memory graph processing system, while using up to 20× less local memory. When Galois is used in conjunction with an OS-level FAM solution, we show that FAM-Graph achieves better end-to-end performance by up to 9× when both systems are configured with the same amount of local memory. 
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