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Title: Fast algorithms of bath calculations in simulations of quantum system-bath dynamics
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Computer Physics Communications
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National Science Foundation
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  3. Abstract Due to limited intrinsic healing capacity of the meniscus, meniscal injuries pose a significant clinical challenge. The most common method for treatment of damaged meniscal tissues, meniscectomy, leads to improper loading within the knee joint, which can increase the risk of osteoarthritis. Thus, there is a clinical need for the development of constructs for meniscal repair that better replicate meniscal tissue organization to improve load distributions and function over time. Advanced three-dimensional bioprinting technologies such as suspension bath bioprinting provide some key advantages, such as the ability to support the fabrication of complex structures using non-viscous bioinks. In this work, the suspension bath printing process is utilized to print anisotropic constructs with a unique bioink that contains embedded hydrogel fibers that align via shear stresses during printing. Constructs with and without fibers are printed and then cultured for up to 56 d in vitro in a custom clamping system. Printed constructs with fibers demonstrate increased cell and collagen alignment, as well as enhanced tensile moduli when compared to constructs printed without fibers. This work advances the use of biofabrication to develop anisotropic constructs that can be utilized for the repair of meniscal tissue. 
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