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Title: Using Temporal Relationship of Thermospheric Density With Geomagnetic Activity Indices and Joule Heating as Calibration for NRLMSISE‐00 During Geomagnetic Storms
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2012994 1753214
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Space Weather
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National Science Foundation
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  1. Abstract

    We present an automated method to identify high‐frequency geomagnetic disturbances in ground magnetometer data and classify the events by the source of the perturbations. We developed an algorithm to search for and identify changes in the surface magnetic field, dB/dt, with user‐specified amplitude and timescale. We used this algorithm to identify transient‐large‐amplitude (TLA) dB/dtevents that have timescale less than 60 s and amplitude >6 nT/s. Because these magnetic variations have similar amplitude and time characteristics to instrumental or man‐made noise, the algorithm identified a large number of noise‐type signatures as well as geophysical signatures. We manually classified these events by their sources (noise‐type or geophysical) and statistically characterized each type of event; the insights gained were used to more specifically define a TLA geophysical event and greatly reduce the number of noise‐type dB/dtidentified. Next, we implemented a support vector machine classification algorithm to classify the remaining events in order to further reduce the number of noise‐type dB/dtin the final data set. We examine the performance of our complete dB/dtsearch algorithm in widely used magnetometer databases and the effect of a common data processing technique on the results. The automated algorithm is a new technique to identify geomagnetic disturbances and instrumental or man‐made noise, enabling systematic identification and analysis of space weather related dB/dtevents and automated detection of magnetometer noise intervals in magnetic field databases.

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