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Title: Phase Noise Analysis of Clock Generator by Using Phase Noise Sensitivity
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IEEE Transactions on Signal and Power Integrity
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150 to 159
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National Science Foundation
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  1. Optical fiber transmission systems form the back-bone of today‚Äôs communication networks and will be of high importance for future networks as well. Among the prominent noise effects in optical fiber is phase noise, which is induced by the Kerr effect. This effect limits the data transmission capacity of these networks and incurs high processing load on the receiver. At the same time, quantum information processing techniques offer more efficient solutions but are believed to be inefficient in terms of size, power consumption and resistance to noise. Here we investigate the concept of an all-optical joint detection receiver. We show how it contributes to enabling higher baud-rates for optical transmission systems when used as a pre-processor, even under high levels of noise induced by the Kerr effect. 
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