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Title: Impact of Sc 3+ -Modified Local Site Symmetries on Er 3+ Ion Upconversion Luminescence in Y 2 O 3 Nanoparticles
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American Chemical Society
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The Journal of Physical Chemistry C
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p. 11715-11722
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National Science Foundation
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  1. Abstract

    Nanothermometry is the study of temperature at the submicron scale with a broad range of potential applications, such as cellular studies or electronics. Molecular luminescent‐based nanothermometers offer a non‐contact means to record these temperatures with high spatial resolution and thermal sensitivity. A luminescent‐based molecular thermometer comprised of visible‐emitting Ga3+/Tb3+and Ga3+/Sm3+metallacrowns (MCs) achieved remarkable relative thermal sensitivity associated with very low temperature uncertainty ofSr=1.9 % K−1andδT<0.045 K, respectively, at 328 K, as an aqueous suspension of polystyrene nanobeads loaded with the corresponding MCs. To date, they are the ratiometric molecular nanothermometers offering the highest level of sensitivity in the physiologically relevant temperature range.

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  2. The reduction potentials (reported vs. Fc + /Fc) for a series of Cp′ 3 Ln complexes (Cp′ = C 5 H 4 SiMe 3 , Ln = lanthanide) were determined via electrochemistry in THF with [ n Bu 4 N][BPh 4 ] as the supporting electrolyte. The Ln( iii )/Ln( ii ) reduction potentials for Ln = Eu, Yb, Sm, and Tm (−1.07 to −2.83 V) follow the expected trend for stability of 4f 7 , 4f 14 , 4f 6 , and 4f 13 Ln( ii ) ions, respectively. The reduction potentials for Ln = Pr, Nd, Gd, Tb, Dy, Ho, Er, and Lu, that form 4f n 5d 1 Ln( ii ) ions ( n = 2–14), fall in a narrow range of −2.95 V to −3.14 V. Only cathodic events were observed for La and Ce at −3.36 V and −3.43 V, respectively. The reduction potentials of the Ln( ii ) compounds [K(2.2.2-cryptand)][Cp′ 3 Ln] (Ln = Pr, Sm, Eu) match those of the Cp′ 3 Ln complexes. The reduction potentials of nine (C 5 Me 4 H) 3 Ln complexes were also studied and found to be 0.05–0.24 V more negative than those of the Cp′ 3 Ln compounds. 
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