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  1. Abstract

    Noncentrosymmetric triangular magnets offer a unique platform for realizing strong quantum fluctuations. However, designing these quantum materials remains an open challenge attributable to a knowledge gap in the tunability of competing exchange interactions at the atomic level. Here, a new noncentrosymmetric triangularS = 3/2 magnet CaMnTeO6is created based on careful chemical and physical considerations. The model material displays competing magnetic interactions and features nonlinear optical responses with the capability of generating coherent photons. The incommensurate magnetic ground state of CaMnTeO6with an unusually large spin rotation angle of 127°(1) indicates that the anisotropic interlayer exchange is strong and competing with the isotropic interlayer Heisenberg interaction. The moment of 1.39(1) µB, extracted from low‐temperature heat capacity and neutron diffraction measurements, is only 46% of the expected value of the static moment 3 µB. This reduction indicates the presence of strong quantum fluctuations in the half‐integer spinS = 3/2 CaMnTeO6magnet, which is rare. By comparing the spin‐polarized band structure, chemical bonding, and physical properties of AMnTeO6(A = Ca, Sr, Pb), how quantum‐chemical interpretation can illuminate insights into the fundamentals of magnetic exchange interactions, providing a powerful tool for modulating spin dynamics with atomically precise control is demonstrated.

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