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  1. Analog crossbar arrays have recently attracted significant attention due to their usefulness for deep neural net (DNN) computations with ultra-low power consumption. However, recent studies have shown that DNNs implemented with such crossbar arrays suffer from as high as 30% degradation in performance due to the effects of manufacturing process variability effects resulting in degradation of their functional safety. One way to test these DNNs is to apply an exhaustive set of test images to each device to ascertain its performance. This is expensive and time-consuming. We propose an alternative test scheme in which a small subset of test images is applied to each DNN and the classification accuracy of the DNN is predicted directly from observation of the final layer outputs of the network. This saves test cost while allowing binning of DNNs for performance. Experimental results for a variety of test cases are presented and show test efficiency improvements of 3X over testing with the exhaustive test image set. 
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