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  1. Doyle, Maureen ; Stephenson, Ben (Ed.)
    An electronic voting (E-voting) oriented cybersecurity curriculum, proposed by Hostler et al. [4] in 2021, leverages the rich security features of E-voting systems and E-voting process to teach essential concepts of cybersecurity. Existing curricular guidelines describe topics in computer security, but do not instantiate them with examples. This is because their goals are different. In this case study, we map the e-voting curriculum into the CSEC2017 curriculum guidelines, to demonstrate how such a mapping is done. Further, this enables teachers to select the parts of the e-voting curriculum most relevant to their classes, by basing the selection on the relevant CSEC2017 learning objectives. We conclude with a brief discussion on generalizing this mapping to other curricular guidelines.
    Free, publicly-accessible full text available March 2, 2024