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Title: Synthesis and Crystallographic Characterization of a Reduced Bimetallic Yttrium ansa -Metallocene Hydride Complex, [K(crypt)][(μ-Cp An )Y(μ-H)] 2 (Cp An = Me 2 Si[C 5 H 3 (SiMe 3 )-3] 2 ), with a 3.4 Å Yttrium–Yttrium Distance
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Journal of the American Chemical Society
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10730 to 10742
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National Science Foundation
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  1. The green compound poly[(tetrahydrofuran)tris[μ-η 5 :η 5 -1-(trimethylsilyl)cyclopentadienyl]caesium(I)ytterbium(II)], [CsYb(C 8 H 13 Si) 3 (C 4 H 8 O)] n or [(THF)Cs(μ-η 5 :η 5 -Cp′) 3 Yb II ] n was synthesized by reduction of a red THF solution of (C 5 H 4 SiMe 3 ) 3 Yb III with excess Cs metal and identified by X-ray diffraction. The compound crystallizes as a two-dimensional array of hexagons with alternating Cs I and Yb II ions at the vertices and cyclopentadienyl groups bridging each edge. This, based off the six-electron cyclopentadienyl rings occupying three coordination positions, gives a formally nine-coordinate tris(cyclopentadienyl) coordination environment to Yb and the Cs is ten-coordinate due to the three cyclopentadienyl rings and a coordinated molecule of THF. The complex comprises layers of Cs 3 Yb 3 hexagons with THF ligands and Me 3 Si groups in between the layers. The Yb—C metrical parameters are consistent with a 4 f 14 Yb II electron configuration.