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  1. We give a variational proof of a version of the Yau–Tian–Donaldson conjecture for twisted Kähler–Einstein currents, and use this to express the greatest (twisted) Ricci lower bound in terms of a purely algebro-geometric stability threshold. Our approach does not involve a continuity method or the Cheeger–Colding–Tian theory, and uses instead pluripotential theory and valuations. Along the way, we study the relationship between geodesic rays and non-Archimedean metrics.
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  3. Irwin, Rebecca (Ed.)
  4. Human land use threatens global biodiversity and compromises multiple ecosystem functions critical to food production. Whether crop yield–related ecosystem services can be maintained by a few dominant species or rely on high richness remains unclear. Using a global database from 89 studies (with 1475 locations), we partition the relative importance of species richness, abundance, and dominance for pollination; biological pest control; and final yields in the context of ongoing land-use change. Pollinator and enemy richness directly supported ecosystem services in addition to and independent of abundance and dominance. Up to 50% of the negative effects of landscape simplification on ecosystem services was due to richness losses of service-providing organisms, with negative consequences for crop yields. Maintaining the biodiversity of ecosystem service providers is therefore vital to sustain the flow of key agroecosystem benefits to society.