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  1. Free, publicly-accessible full text available March 16, 2025
  2. A bstract We develop a mathematical theory of symmetry protected trivial (SPT) orders and anomaly-free symmetry enriched topological (SET) orders in all dimensions via two different approaches with an emphasis on the second approach. The first approach is to gauge the symmetry in the same dimension by adding topological excitations as it was done in the 2d case, in which the gauging process is mathematically described by the minimal modular extensions of unitary braided fusion 1-categories. This 2d result immediately generalizes to all dimensions except in 1d, which is treated with special care. The second approach is to use the 1-dimensional higher bulk of the SPT/SET order and the boundary-bulk relation. This approach also leads us to a precise mathematical description and a classification of SPT/SET orders in all dimensions. The equivalence of these two approaches, together with known physical results, provides us with many precise mathematical predictions. 
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