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  1. Bennett, M. B. ; Frank, B. W. ; Vieyra, R. E. (Ed.)
    Physics is perceived to have a culture of exclusion, which includes not embracing individuals from certain demographics who are underrepresented in the field. Many who are from underrepresented groups have stated they feel impacted by cultural pressures to assimilate to what is traditionally considered a “physics person.” In order to better understand these cultural pressures this study examines statements from two physics teachers who participated in a summer professional development (PD) workshop. Throughout the summer PD, the two teachers made statements that described how physics culture impacted their identity and understanding of equity, which ultimately shaped their approach towards teaching. Analysis of teachers’ statements showed that physics culture impacted the teachers' views on instruction in the areas of inclusivity and shaping students' physics identity. This study has implications for research on the role of physics culture and how it impacts underrepresented students’ and teachers' identity and approach to equity.