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  1. Research on self-regulated learning (SRL) in engineering design is growing. While SRL is an effective way of learning, however, not all learners can regulate themselves successfully. There is a lack of research regarding how student characteristics, such as science knowledge and design knowledge, interact with SRL. Adapting the SRL theory in the field of engineering design, this study proposes a research model to examine the mediation and causal relationships among science knowledge, design knowledge, and SRL activities (i.e. observation, formulation, reformulation, analysis, evaluation). Partial least squares modeling was utilized to examine how the science and design knowledge of 108 ninth-grade participants interacted with their SRL activities in the process of performing an engineering task. Results reveal that prior science and design knowledge positively predict SRL activities. They also show that reformulation and analysis are the two SRL activities that can lead to an improvement in post science and design knowledge, but excessive observation can hinder post design knowledge. These results have important implications for the construction of learning environments to support SRL based on students’ prior knowledge levels. 
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