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  1. While the properties of β-Ga2O3 continue to be extensively studied for high-power applications, the effects of strong electric fields on the Ga2O3 microstructure and, in particular, the impact of electrically active native point defects have been relatively unexplored. We used cathodoluminescence point spectra and hyperspectral imaging to explore possible nanoscale movements of electrically charged defects in Ga2O3 vertical trench power diodes and observed the spatial rearrangement of optically active defects under strong reverse bias. These observations suggest an unequal migration of donor-related defects in β-Ga2O3 due to the applied electric field. The atomic rearrangement and possible local doping changes under extreme electric fields in β-Ga2O3 demonstrate the potential impact of nanoscale device geometry in other high-power semiconductor devices.

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  2. Teherani, Ferechteh H. ; Look, David C. ; Rogers, David J. (Ed.)