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    This paper will demonstrate a novel method for consolidating data in an engineered hypercube network for the purpose of optimizing query processing. Query processing typically calls for merging data collected from a small subset of server nodes in a network. This poses the problem of managing efficiently the exchange of data between processing nodes to complete some relational data operation. The method developed here is designed to minimize data transfer, measured as the product of data quantity and network distance, by delegating the processing to a node that is relatively central to the subset. A hypercube not only supports simple computation of network distance between nodes, but also allows for identifying a node to serve as the center for any data consolidation operations.We will show how the consolidation process can be performed by selecting a subgraph of a complex network to simplify the selection of a central node and thus facilitate the computations required. We will also show a prototype implementation of a hypercube using Software-Defined Networking to support query optimization in a distributed heterogeneous database system, making use of network distance information and data quantity. 
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    Analysis of large data sets is increasingly important in business and scientific research. One of the challenges in such analysis stems from uncertainty in data, which can produce anomalous results. This paper proposes a method for detecting an anomaly in time series data using a Support Vector Machine (SVM). Three different kernels of the SVM are analyzed to predict anomalies in the UCR time series benchmark data sets. Comparison of the three kernels shows that the defined parameter values of the Radial Basis Function (RBF) kernel are critical for improving the validity and accuracy in anomaly detection. Our results show that the RBF kernel of the SVM can be used to advantage in detecting anomalies. 
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    This study focuses on an autonomous moving system for the automation of the harvesting process by high-performance machines in the forestry. Many fatal accidents occur due to the harvesting process. In this research, a navigation system has been developed to enable autonomous travel between accumulation sites and trees to be harvested to improve productivity and safety. A 3D map is generated by LiDAR observation, and harvester moves autonomously towards the tree as specified by the operator. A test of the harvesting process was performed in an experimental environment. The evaluation focused on the required time of the autonomous movement in the process. The effectiveness of the system was confirmed in operations such as row thinning by the results. 
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    PageRank is an algorithm used in Internet search to secure the importance of web pages. 
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  5. In this paper, we prove bounds for the unique, positive zero of O  G (z) := 1 −O G (z) , where O G ( z ) is the so-called orbit polynomial [1]. The orbit polynomial is based on the multiplic- ity and cardinalities of the vertex orbits of a graph. In [1] , we have shown that the unique, positive zero δ≤1 of O  G (z) can serve as a meaningful measure of graph symmetry. In this paper, we study special graph classes with a specified number of orbits and obtain bounds on the value of δ. 
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  6. Research on the structural complexity of networks has produced many useful results in graph theory and applied disciplines such as engineering and data analysis. This paper is intended as a further contribution to this area of research. Here we focus on measures designed to compare graphs with respect to symmetry. We do this by means of a novel characteristic of a graph G, namely an ``orbit polynomial.'' A typical term of this univariate polynomial is of the form czn, where c is the number of orbits of size n of the automorphism group of G. Subtracting the orbit polynomial from 1 results in another polynomial that has a unique positive root, which can serve as a relative measure of the symmetry of a graph. The magnitude of this root is indicative of symmetry and can thus be used to compare graphs with respect to that property. In what follows, we will prove several inequalities on the unique positive roots of orbit polynomials corresponding to different graphs, thus showing differences in symmetry. In addition, we present numerical results relating to several classes of graphs for the purpose of comparing the new symmetry measure with existing ones. Finally, it is applied to a set of isomers of the chemical compound adamantane C10H16. We believe that the measure can be quite useful for tackling applications in chemistry, bioinformatics, and structure-oriented drug design. 
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