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  1. Free, publicly-accessible full text available October 1, 2023
  2. Information Retrieval (IR) plays a pivotal role indiverse Software Engineering (SE) tasks, e.g., bug localization and triaging, bug report routing, code retrieval, requirements analysis, etc. SE tasks operate on diverse types of documents including code, text, stack-traces, and structured, semi-structured and unstructured meta-data that often contain specialized vocabularies. As the performance of any IR-based tool critically depends on the underlying document types, and given the diversity of SE corpora, it is essential to understand which models work best for which types of SE documents and tasks.We empirically investigate the interaction between IR models and document types for two representative SE tasks (bug localization and relevant project search), carefully chosen as they require a diverse set of SE artifacts (mixtures of code and text),and confirm that the models’ performance varies significantly with mix of document types. Leveraging this insight, we propose a generalized framework, SRCH, to automatically select the most favorable IR model(s) for a given SE task. We evaluate SRCH w.r.t. these two tasks and confirm its effectiveness. Our preliminary user study shows that SRCH’s intelligent adaption of the IR model(s) to the task at hand not only improves precision and recall for SE tasks but may also improve users’more »satisfaction.« less