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Title: Crowdsourced Misuse Detection in Dynamic Spectrum Sharing Wireless Networks

To address the scarcity of spectrum, FCC mandated the dynamic sharing of spectrum among the different tiers of users. The success of spectrum sharing, however, relies on the automated enforcement of spectrum policies. We focus on ex post spectrum enforcement during/after the occurrence of a potentially harmful event, but before/after an actual harm has occurred. The major challenges addressed by us are to ensure maximum channel coverage in a given region of enforcement, accurate and reliable detection of enforcement, and selection of an efficient algorithm to select entities for detection of violation. We adopt a crowdsourced methodology to monitor spectrum usage. We ensure maximum coverage of the given area by dividing it into equal-sized regions and solve the enforcement problem by a divide and conquer mechanism over the entire region. We use a variant of the Multiple Choice Secretary algorithm to select volunteers. We finally simulate the enforcement framework and analyze the results.
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ICN ... the ... International Conference on Networks
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National Science Foundation