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Title: Joint Learning and Channel Coding for Error-Tolerant IoT Systems based on Machine Learning
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IEEE Transactions on Artificial Intelligence
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1 to 12
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National Science Foundation
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  1. This paper looks at technological advances in the collection and use of information about learning. Updating earlier discussions on transcripts and videorecording, the project used for examples in this paper features a digital simulation and pedagogical patterns where students met through videoconferencing as a post-pandemic alternative to table-base groupwork and then submitted transcripts of the meeting for evaluation and feedback. The transcripts were computationally analyzed to produce data streams showing the shape of conversations. These data were combined with records of students working on collaborative documents and the learning analytics for a digital simulation to illustrate new possibilities to depict collaborative student activity. Congruent with prior reflections on transcription of recordings and the recording process, this paper highlights the ways, old and new, the inscriptional process is not theory-neutral. It privileges certain activities and plays an agentive evidentiary role. 
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